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Jungle Cruise Review: An Adventurous Trip!

You can never go wrong with a good adventure. Whether discovery hidden treasure or traveling through the galaxy, the silver screen has been no stranger to epic journeys that have made up the adventure genre. In the case of Walt Disney Pictures, the studio had an array of adventure films that have enthralled all kind […]

Snake Eyes Review: A Sleek, but Subtle, Beginning for G.I. Joe Franchise!

It is hard to imagine that Hasbro would be a major player at the movies, but sure enough the toy company has transcended to the big screen with series such as Transformers. However, the robots in disguise have not been the only Hasbro product to make this jump as a certain group of real American […]

Cruella Review: Disney’s Latest Adaptation is a Devilish Delight!

The world of Disney has featured an array of standout characters with the likes of princesses becoming staples for the brand. Yet despite being the happiest place on Earth, Disney has also housed some of the most notorious villains to grace the silver screen. From Maleficent to Scar, Disney villains tend to be a highlight […]

Luca Review: A Fun and Heartfelt Splash!

When it comes to Pixar, the animated studio has made many colorful worlds; from ones filled with lively toys to others with superheroes. While the studio has made an array of magical worlds, they also taken much inspiration from various cultures of the real world, from the locations seen in of Finding Nemo to the […]

Black Widow Review: An Enjoyable Marvel Film with a few Misfires.

For sometime now the Avengers have been major players on the big screen. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes made a major impression in the hit 2012 blockbuster and the team have proven to be just as strong as individuals with the likes Iron Man and Captain America standing out in their own movies. Yet despite the various […]

The Conjuring The Devil Made Do It Review: New Case is a Thrilling, but Tame, Experience!

In 2013 the horror genre was forever changed with the release of The Conjuring. The film by James Wan was a massive success as it received raving reviews and became one of the highest grossing horror films of all time. With such success it was not surprising that a continuation would be greenlit, and sure […]

F9 Review: Another Exciting Ride in The Fast Saga

It is hard to imagine that The Fast and Furious has now rode onto the silver screen for 20 years. What started as a movie about crime and racing has become a successful franchise that continues to raise the stakes. Originally, I found the franchise to be too ridiculous for my taste, but I cannot […]

A Quiet Place Part 2 Review: Silence is Still Golden in this Thrilling Sequel

In 2018 the horror world found a new player in the form of A Quiet Place. The film by John Krasinski was a dynamic one as its gripping atmosphere was only matched by its keen sense of character. The film was a commercial success, both financially and critically, and it did not take long for […]

Army of the Dead Review: A Stylish and Thrilling Zombie Flick!

When it comes to notable filmmakers few tend to have the notoriety then that of Zack Snyder. Snyder has created an array of films over the years, most of them centering on comic books, and whether you like or dislike his work there is denying that Zack’s work gets attention. Yet before uniting the league […]

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