Along with writing reviews Something Cinematic also provides services for those seeking aid. If you would like a help on projects such as wedding videos or an article, Something Cinematic can offer support by either making content or just helping out with aspects such as editing. For further discussion contact me at to go over the project and what you like done.


If you feel that the content you see is worth something then perhaps you could give some support to Something Cinematic. There are a few ways to do it. First you can make a pledge on Patreon  where you can make pledge and get rewards from it. The other way  is by making a donation on Paypal  There you you can make any payment you want especially if you just want to make a simple donation.Whether it is a generous tip or just pocket change anything you can do to help would be great, and if you cannot then you can always share this site on social media. It’s your choice.

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